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Housing market saw no seasonal slowdown in 2012

Posted in Existing Home Sales, Home buying, Home Selling, Home Values, Pending Home Sales, Real estate by southorangecounty on January 25, 2013

The local market saw no seasonal slowdown this year

People who have read my postings over the past few years know that I tend to suggest – based on my 36+ years of local experience – that Orange County has a number of “typical” seasons for its real estate market.


The busiest buying season “usually” starts around February 1st, ( In 2012 it started early, in mid-January, if not sooner.) end starts to poop out come August/September, and REALLY slows down for the Holidays, starting as early as Halloween.

Not last year. There was only a small – barely detectable – slowdown, last fall, and into today.

As of right now, the market has picked up already, and good listings are selling quickly.

If you’re a potential buyer, you NEED a good experienced agent, to help you secure a good buy, before prices start creeping up, like they did last year.

If you’re a potential seller, you ALSO need a good, local, experienced agent, to help make sure you don’t price your home too low.  It’s better – for sellers – to start a little high and take 3-4 weeks to sell, than to start too low, and sell in hours.

If you’re planning to both sell and buy, you REALLY need an experienced agent to help you navigate the complexities of a double transaction.

Good luck to everyone, buyers and sellers alike – it’s going to be an interesting year!

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