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When it comes to selling your house, you want to make the best impression possible in order to appeal to picky buyers. Focusing your attention on the right repairs will help raise the value of your home and attract buyers who could have easily written off your home before the repairs.  An article released by Yahoo touches on 10 sure fire ways to boost the value of your home and make your house a stand out to potential buyers. Below is a recap,  but you can find the full article here.
 Curb Appeal– If your home is lacking curb appeal it will be the first thing a potential buyer will point out. Whether the landscaping needs some good old fashioned TLC or just some shrubbery in general, sprucing up the front of your house will welcome buyers in rather than show them out. Make sure the grass is cut, the flower beds weeded, and the leaves raked. The front of your house is the first impression, so make it count!
Exterior of House– Don’t let your home fall victim to neglect. Keep the windows clean, the paint fresh, the trimming straight and the sidewalks clear. When a buyer sees the outside of a home that already needs repairs, it will only leave them wondering what other repairs are needed inside the house. Do the necessary improvements and let potential buyers know you take pride in your home.
Outdated Kitchens– Kitchens are often the make or break of most deals. While a fixer upper can be charming, a modern kitchen can seal the deal. Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances have become a standard in newer homes. While a full blow renovation is expensive, the return on investment is worth it and can add serious value to the asking price. If you are working with a smaller budget, simple remedies would include fresh paint on the cabinets, new door pulls and new laminate on the counter tops. The brighter and cleaner your kitchen appears the better appeal it will have to buyers.
Outdated Bathrooms– Bathrooms are right in line with kitchens, as they are best updated, clean, and bright. Make sure you purchase fresh linens for showings and don’t shy away from a scented candle. The more inviting and attractive you can make your bathroom the better. If you have the money to renovate, it is worth it as a modern bathroom has just as much appeal as a modern kitchen.
Taste Specific Decorating- As much as you may think your home is perfectly decorated to sell, there will always be a buyer with a different vision of style than you. Keep that in mind when putting your house on the market. You want buyers to be able to envision themselves in your home. Neutral wall colors and versatile carpets do wonders for the imaginative buyer who would otherwise envision the costs of tearing apart your overly decorated, taste specific space.
What home improvement projects have helped increase the value of your home? Share with us your triumphs! 
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