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Watch Out for These Hidden Household Hazards

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Watch Out for These Hidden Household Hazards


Are hidden hazards lurking in your home? Do a safety check to ensure your home is a safe one:

Surface Scum – Keep food preparation surfaces clean and disinfected. Beware of hidden germs on sponges and other porous surfaces. Disinfect sponges on a regular basis by running them through the dishwasher.

Toxic Mold – Check for signs of moisture and mold growth in bathrooms, on basement walls, and around windows and doors.

Unstable Furniture – Ensure all top-heavy furniture pieces and appliances are securely fastened using anchors or brackets, asthese items can easily tip over.

Pest Problems – Watch for evidence of disease-carrying pests, like rats or mice, who may have ventured inside looking for food or a cozy place to sleep. Prevent them from coming inside whenever possible.

Mirrors and Pictures – Avoid hanging mirrors and heavy pictures over couches, exits and beds.

Electrical Hazards – Check for faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. Never place extension cords or wires under rugs, behind soft furnishings or within reach of children or pets.

Funky Foods – Practice safe food handling techniques to avoid becoming sick from a food-borne illness.

Potential Poisons – Keep prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and natural remedies (even vitamins) out of the reach of children.

Flammable Furnishings – Never store rags near electrical equipment or flammable liquids, and keep portable heaters well away from furniture and drapery.

Tripping Trouble – Watch out for potential tripping hazards inside and outside the home.

Recalled Products – Review consumer product recall lists on a regular basis, especially if you have young children.

Gas Appliances – Always secure gas appliances and use flexible connectors to ensure toppling or shifting doesn’t lead to a dangerous gas leak.


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