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Have You Used Your V.A. Loan Eligibility?

veterans-dayIf you’re a veteran and have V.A. loan eligibility, here’s something of interest from one of my favorite lenders.

Cash-out Refinance to 100% of the Value!

  • Receive cash for any reason
  • No seasoning requirements of ownership – Based on current appraised value
  • 30 year fixed rate, no points, no prepayment penalties
  • $687,500 maximum loan in Orange and Los Angeles County, $546,250 in San Diego County
  • 620 minimum credit score to $417,000, 640 to $687,500
  • Owner-occupied single family and condominiums only 

For veterans only with full entitlement – This is VA Financing! 

Salute, Honor and ALWAYS remember those who served for our Freedom!

I’m a veteran myself, who bought my first house a L O N G time ago, with only $1 down – in Irvine, of all places – for $27,500.

That first loan has long ago been paid off, and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to use my eligibility again.  Maybe I should look into that.

Need more information, or a recommendation of a great lender?  Shoot me an email at, or call or text me at  949-887-5305


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