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The Time to Buy Might be Nigh

Posted in Uncategorized by southorangecounty on August 15, 2015

What_To_Consider_When_Buying_A_Fixer-UpperAre you in the market for your next home? If you are, and haven’t gone into escrow already, this next five months will probably be your best time to buy – for a number of excellent reasons.

First, we are about to enter the traditional slowest time of the year for South Orange County real estate. While most of this year’s buying happened in the Spring and early Summer, that hectic period – complete with rising prices, and multiple offers on the better listings that popped up – and heading into the Fall months, complete with the Holidays.

Most buyers have already bought, thinking of getting their kids in school, while many of those who weren’t successful and now hunkering down for the Holidays, planning to start fresh in the Spring of 2016.

In addition, new listings are still coming aboard, with sellers unaware that most buyer’s ships have already sailed.

Enter the buyer’s best annual sweet spot, a time when more listings are being confronted with fewer buyers.

As the next few months go buy, sellers will become more anxious – that they missed the market – and will start to reduce their prices, making your choices as a buyer, considerably more negotiable.

Here are 2 blog posts I’ve published in the past week, with reports from two separate local real estate experts:

Both echo the reasons I’ve stated above, with plenty of supporting historical data. ( Yes, this pattern happens almost every year, in South Orange County, either slightly more, or slightly less. )

So, if you’re in the market for new quarters, between now and the middle of January would be an excellent time to buy. If you’re so disposed, drop me a line ( ) or give me a call. ( 949-887-5305 )

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